Journal Papers
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis using 10-s grip-and-release test with video and machine learning analysis

    Kazuya Tsukamoto, Ryota Matsui, Yuta Sugiura, Koji Fujita

    Journal of Hand Surgery European Volume, accepted.
  • Seeing the Wind: An Interactive Mist Interface for Airflow Input

    Tian Min, Chengshuo Xia, Takumi Yamamoto, Yuta Sugiura

    PACM on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), ISS 2023, Vol.7, Issue ISS, Article No. 444, pp 398–419, 2023-11-1.
  • ReflecTouch:角膜反射像を用いたスマートフォンの把持方法推定


    学会誌「コンピュータソフトウェア」, accepted.
  • VirSen1.0: Toward Sensor Configuration Recommendation in an Interactive Optical Sensor Simulator for Human Gesture Recognition

    Kana Matsuo, Chengshuo Xia, Yuta Sugiura

    International Journal of the Digital Human (IJDH),Vol.2,No.3,223-241,2023-8-23.
  • A Screening Method for Cervical Myelopathy Using Machine Learning to Analyze a Drawing Behavior

    Eriku Yamada, Koji Fujita, Takuro Watanabe, Takafumi Koyama, Takuya Ibara, Akiko Yamamoto, Kazuya Tsukamoto, Hidetoshi Kaburagi, Akimoto Nimura, Toshitaka Yoshii, Yuta Sugiura, Atsushi Okawa

    Scientific Reports,Vol.13,10015,2023-6-20.
  • Screening for degenerative cervical myelopathy with the 10-s grip-and-release test using a smartphone and machine learning: A pilot study

    Takuya Ibara, Ryota Matsui, Takafumi Koyama, Eriku Yamada, Akiko Yamamoto, Kazuya Tsukamoto, Hidetoshi Kaburagi, Akimoto Nimura, Toshitaka Yoshii, Atsushi Okawa, Hideo Saito, Yuta Sugiura, Koji Fujita

    Digital Health,Vol.9,1-10,2023-6-5.
  • Screening for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome using Daily Behavior on Mobile Devices

    Takuro Watanabe, Chengshuo Xia, Koji Fujita, Yuta Sugiura

    Computer, Special Issue on Computing in Telemedicine,Vol.56,Issue 9,62-70,2023-9.
  • Virtual Sensors with 3D Digital Human Motion for Interactive Simulation

    Chengshuo Xia, Yuta Sugiura

    Computer, Special Issue on Emerging Disruptive Technologies, 2023, accepted.
  • Turning Carpets into Multi-Image Switchable Displays

    Takumi Yamamoto, Yuta Sugiura

    Computers & Graphics, Vol. 111,Pages 190-198,2023-4.
  • Privacy-Aware Gait Identification with Ultra-Low Dimensional Data Using a Distance Sensor

    Chengshuo Xia*, Atsuya Munakata*, Yuta Sugiura (*These authors contributed equally to this work)

    IEEE Sensors Journal,Vol.23,Issue9,Page(s): 10109 - 10117,2023-3-28.
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