Journal Papers
  • Screening for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome using Daily Behavior on Mobile Devices

    Takuro Watanabe, Chengshuo Xia, Koji Fujita, Yuta Sugiura

    Computer, Special Issue on Computing in Telemedicine,2023, accepted.
  • Virtual Sensors with 3D Digital Human Motion for Interactive Simulation

    Chengshuo Xia, Yuta Sugiura

    Computer, Special Issue on Emerging Disruptive Technologies, 2023, accepted.
  • Turning Carpets into Multi-Image Switchable Displays

    Takumi Yamamoto, Yuta Sugiura

    Computers & Graphics, Vol. 111,Pages 190-198,2023-4.
  • Privacy-Aware Gait Identification with Ultra-Low Dimensional Data Using a Distance Sensor

    Chengshuo Xia*, Atsuya Munakata*, Yuta Sugiura (*These authors contributed equally to this work)

    IEEE Sensors Journal,2023-3 -28.
  • 組込型光センサアレイを用いた近接表情認識機能をもつデジタルカメンの設計と実装

    竹川 佳成,徳田 雄嵩,梅澤 章乃,鈴木 克洋,杉浦 裕太,正井 克俊,杉本 麻樹,Diego Martinez Plasencia,Sriram Subramanian,平田 圭二

    情報処理学会 特集号「インタラクションの理解および基盤・応用技術」,Vol. 64,No.2 ,417 - 429,2023‐2-15.
  • Development and testing of a new application for measuring motion at the cervical spine

    Koji Fujita*, Kana Matsuo*, Takafumi Koyama, Kurando Utagawa, Shingo Morishita, Yuta Sugiura (*These authors contributed equally to this work)

    BMC Medical Imaging,Vol.22,Article number 193,2022-11-22.
  • Metasurface-Inspired Maintenance-Free IoT Tags Characterised in Both Frequency and Time Domains

    Masaya Tashiro, Ashif Aminulloh Fathnan, Yuta Sugiura, Akira Uchiyama, Hiroki Wakatsuchi

    Electronics Letters,Vol. 58,No.25,937 - 939,2022-11-21.
  • High-Dimensional Analysis of Finger Motion and Screening of Cervical Myelopathy With a Noncontact Sensor: Diagnostic Case-Control Study

    Takafumi Koyama*, Ryota Matsui*, Akiko Yamamoto, Eriku Yamada, Mio Norose, Takuya Ibara, Hidetoshi Kaburagi, Akimoto Nimura, Yuta Sugiura, Hideo Saito, Atsushi Okawa, Koji Fujita (*these authors contributed equally)

    JMIR Biomedical Engineering,Vol.7,No.2,e41327 (9pages),2022-10-3.
  • VoLearn: A Cross-Modal Operable Motion-Learning System Combined with Virtual Avatar and Auditory Feedback

    Chengshuo Xia, Xinrui Fang, Riku Arakawa, and Yuta Sugiura

    The Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies (PACM IMWUT),Vol.6,Issue 2,Article 81 (26pages),2022-7-7. (CCF-A)
  • A robotic system for images on carpet surface  

    Takumi Yamamoto, Yuta Sugiura

    Graphics and Visual Computing,Vol.6,200045 (9pages),2022-3-26.
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