A Ring-shaped Robotic Device for Storytelling
Masa Ogata, Yuta Sugiura, Hirotaka Osawa, and Michita Imai

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Masa Ogata, Yuta Sugiura, Hirotaka Osawa, Michita Imai, Pygmy: A Ring-shaped Robotic Device for Storytelling, IJICIC, Vol.9, No.12, 4619-4629, 2013-2. [DOI]

本研究では、指に装着して「手の擬人性」を拡張することができる指輪型の擬人化デバイス Pygmy を提案する。Pygmy は目や口といった擬人的・擬生物的な特徴を持った擬人パーツで構成され、指に自由にデバイスを組み合わせることで表情やキャラクターを生成することができる。

The human hand is an appropriate part to attach an agent robot. Pygmy is an anthropomorphic device that produces a presence on a human hand by magnifying the finger expressions. This device is in trial to develop an interaction model of an agent on the hand. It is based on the concept of hand anthropomorphism and uses finger movements to create the anthropomorphic effect. Wearing the device is similar to having eyes and a mouth on the hand; the wearer’s hand spontaneously expresses the agent’s presence with the emotions conveyed by the eyes and mouth. Interactive manipulation by controllers and sensors make the hand look animated. We observed that the character animated with the device provided user collaboration and interaction as though there were a living thing on the user’s hand. Further, the users play with the device by representing characters animated with Pygmy as their doubles.