Virtual Window using Curtain
A Virtual Window Using Curtains and Image Projection
澤田直春, 山本匠, 杉浦裕太
Naoharu Sawada, Takumi Yamamoto, Yuta Sugiura

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Naoharu Sawada, Takumi Yamamoto, Yuta Sugiura, A Virtual Window Using Curtains and Image Projection, In Proc. APMAR 2023, Taiwan.


In this paper, we propose a system that presents a virtual window using curtains and projection. A screen and curtains are installed on the wall, and images are projected as they are opened and closed. By using curtains, which are commonly used in life, this system replaces the role of windows in everyday life by projecting images naturally onto our living environment. We propose applications that focus on spatial presentations and communication provided by the window and discuss there potential of this system.