Authentication with Blink
Identification and Authentication Using Blink with Smart Glasses
Yohei Kawasaki, Yuta Sugiura

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Yohei Kawasaki, Yuta Sugiura. Identification and Authentication Using Blink with Smart Glasses. In Proceedings of the SICE Annual Conference 2022, IEEE, September 6-9, 2022, Kumamoto, Japan.[DOI][Presentation Video]


In recent years, smart glasses have become popular for a variety of purposes, such as augmented reality and health maintenance. Assuming that smart glasses will be widely used in the future, and assuming situations in which users carry and use smart glasses by themselves or share a single device and choose who to present information to, a function to identify and authenticate users from the viewpoint of privacy will be necessary. In this study, we proposed a personal identification and authentication system using skin deformation during blinking. A reflective optical sensor was attached to the frame of an eyeglasses-type device, and changes in the distance between the eyeglass-type device and the face during blinking were measured as time series data. Seven participants were asked to blink in two different patterns, and the time-series data were measured. The accuracy of identification was 97.1% and the equal error rate for authentication was 6.4%.