Seating State Estimation by a Soft Object with Photo Sensor Array
Yuki Shinozaki, Naomi Furui, Yuta Sugiura, Maki Sugimoto

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篠崎由貴,古居なおみ,杉浦裕太,杉本麻樹,光センサアレイが組み込まれた柔軟物体による着座状態推定,インタラクション2018 情報処理学会,東京都,2018年3月5-7日. [DOI]


Sitting on chairs is very common in daily life. We think that encouraging to sit with a low-burden posture or to move the muscles may improve health condition. We propose a system to estimate the seating state, which can easily be placed onto existing chair using a device that blends into user’s daily life. Our system estimates the sitting posture by measuring the shape deformation of a cushion using photo sensors incorporated into the sponge of the cushion. We have implemented a prototype of the device to estimate the seating state.