Contact Force Measurement
Estimation of Fingertip Contact Force by Measuring SkinDeformation and Posture with Photo-reflective Sensors
齋藤彩音,久能若葉,河合航,宮田なつき,杉浦 裕太
Ayane Saito, Wakaba Kuno, Wataru Kawai, Natsuki Miyata, Yuta Sugiura

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Ayane Saito, Wakaba Kuno, Wataru Kawai, Natsuki Miyata, and Yuta Sugiura. 2019. Estimation of Fingertip Contact Force by Measuring Skin Deformation and Posture with Photo-reflective Sensors. In Proceedings of the 10th Augmented Human International Conference 2019 (AH2019). ACM, New York, NY, USA, Article 2, 6 pages. [DOI]


A wearable device for measuring skin deformation of the fingertip—to obtain contact force when the finger touches an object—wasprototyped and experimentally evaluated. The device is attachedto the fingertip and uses multiple photo-reflective sensors (PRSs)to measures the distance from the PRSs to the side surface of thefingertip. The sensors do not touch the contact surface between thefingertip and the object; as a result, the contact force is obtainedwithout changing the user’s tactile sensation. In addition, the ac-curacy of estimated contact force was improved by determiningthe posture of the fingertip by measuring the distance between thefingertip and the contact surface. Based on the prototyped device,a system for estimating three-dimensional contact force on thefingertip was implemented.