Interactive Inpainting
Interactive Defect Complement System for 3D Room Data
Kana Mastuo, Ryo Hachiuma, Hideo Saito, Yuta Sugiura


It is useful to consider the furniture arrangement in the virtual space beforehand. To reconstruct a real room, we consider scanning a room with furniture and obtaining a 3D point cloud. When the furniture is separated from this 3D point cloud in order to move it, some 3D point cloud is missing. This missing region makes the room look bad in virtual space. Therefore, we propose a system that interactively completes the missing regions of the 3D point cloud. Our method allows users to select the missing regions and the information to fill them and input them into the completion system. This allows the completion system to complement a wide range of missing regions. we investigated whether the proposed system can be used to complement the areas where furniture is removed from the 3D point cloud of a furnished room. As a result, the unfurnished rooms were reconstructed and the missing 3D point cloud was complemented.