A Tangible User Interface Combining Pop-up Cards with Conductive Ink Printing
Yan Zhao, Yuta Sugiura, Mitsunori Tada and Jun Mitani


We propose an immediate tangible user interface combining pop-up cards with conductive ink printing technique. To fulfill our purpose, we developed software that can automatically calculate the circuit layouts on the pop-up card. The circuit layout is made to have the shortest path by considering the thickness of the layout, the space between circuit lines, and that the layout should not crossover cut lines. The crease pattern and layouts are printed separately when the layouts are alculated. By attaching electronic elements, we can make an interactive pop-up card. In a use trial, we confirmed that even novice could create original interactive pop-up card with our software and use such card to build an application. Furthermore, we demonstrated the effectiveness of our method by making and showing example applications using the interactive pop-up card interface.