Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Screening System by Handwiriting
渡辺拓郎*,小山恭史*,梅本颯,藤田浩二,杉浦裕太( * 共同筆頭著者)
Takuro Watanabe*,Takafumi Koyama*, Hayate Umemoto, Koji Fujita, Yuta Sugiura, * these authors contributed equally

[Reference /引用はこちら]
Takuro Watanabe*, Takafumi Koyama*, Eriku Yamada, Akimoto Nimura, Koji Fujita, and Yuta Sugiura, The Accuracy of a Screening System for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome using Hand Drawing, Journal of Clinical Medicine, MDPI. * These authors contributed equally. [DOI]


Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), an entrapment neuropathy, becomes severe and thumb motion is reduced, which affects manual dexterity such as difficulties in writing; therefore, early detection of CTS by screening is desirable. To develop a screening method for CTS, we developed a tablet app to measure the stylus trajectory and pressure of the stylus tip when drawing a spiral on a tablet screen using a stylus and subsequently used these data as training data to predict the classification of participants as non-CTS or CTS patients using a support vector machine. We recruited 33 patients with CTS and 31 healthy volunteers for this study. From our results, non-CTS and CTS were classified by our screening method with 82% sensitivity and 71% specificity. Our CTS screening method can facilitate the screening for potential patients with CTS and provide a quantitative assessment of CTS.