Bow Pressure Sensing
Estimation of Violin Bow Pressure Using Photo-Reflective Sensors
瑞穂ゆりな, 北村莉久, 杉浦裕太
Yurina Mizuho, Riku Kitamura, Yuta Sugiura

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Yurina Mizuho, Riku Kitamura, Yuta Sugiura, Estimation of Violin Bow Pressure Using Photo-Reflective Sensors, In Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI 2023), ACM, 216–223, October 9-13, 2023, Paris, France.[DOI]



The violin is one of the most popular instruments, but hard to learn. In particular, the bowing of the right hand is a crucial factor in determining the tone quality, but it is too complex to master and teach. Therefore, we focus on bow pressure, one of the parameters of bowing motion, and attempt to measure it to support practice. The proposed method uses a regression model to estimate bow pressure from bow deformation. First, the deformation of the bow hair is measured by photo-reflective sensors equipped on the bow stick. Next, the regression model is trained based on the correspondence between the bow deformation and the true value of bow pressure measured by a load cell. We also showed an example of an application for real-time bow pressure estimation and visual feedback while playing the violin.